Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Nation of Malcontents

As the political campaigns turn increasingly ugly (kudos to McCain for chastising his own supporters as they booed him for recognizing that Obama is a decent man), I can't help but make an observation about the make-up of the American people. America is made up overwhelmingly of people (or direct descendants of people) who chose to come to this nation from all over the world in search of better prospects. While this is certainly a noble motive, what does it say about those who came here versus those who chose to stay? Those who came to America are the people least able to be satisfied with the way things are. In the face of economic hardship, political oppression, or outright hostility, some people are able to simply make do and adapt. Others, the ones who came to America, are unable to make such concessions. This intense hunger for a better life is what has made America great. Americans (particularly new immigrants) work very hard and save and do the things that built wealth and have built this nation. At the same time, this inability to be content also can lead to significant discord. Unfortunately, this unwillingness to get along may prove to be our undoing if we do not learn how to set aside our dissatisfaction and work for the greater good.



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